Snow Puns

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Winter - The days of shovelry.

I told the doctor I slipped on his front step, and he said, 'Icy.'

Me? Ski down the mountain ? Snow way!

An avalanche is snow place to be.

What do you call a gangsta snowman? Froze-T

They top the charts every January - the Black-Ice Peas.

What happened to Guns & Roses' lead singer's van in winter? Axel Froze

Do top scientists in the North get the Snowbelt Prize?

Do Arctic sommeliers worry about the wine-chill factor?

Those who play poker in a snowstorm must carefully shovel their decks.

Do soldiers up North wear flake jackets for protection?

The stressed out snowman was acting flaky. That was, until he had a meltdown. And finally he was indicted for having a slush fund.

Hear about the Roman general who, every time there was an ice storm, he had an epileptic fit? It was 'Hail... Seizure!'

NED: Is it likely that fist-sized ice pellets will clog our vacuum?
ED: Yeah, right - maybe when hail freezes hoover.

It's cold out, so I like to go out for some really big sandwiches... It must be the subs-hero temperatures.

What did the reindeer say before beginning his comedy routine? This will sleigh you.

Do reindeer go to public school? No, they're elf taught.

As the winter snow turned into rain, Frosty began to realize that fame was sleeting.

Rude officer Ed knows rain, dear.

Where does Frosty the Snowman keep his money? In a snow bank.

Which elf sings "Love me tender?" Santa's little Elvis!

What do bad Eskimos get in their stockings for Xmas? A lump of cold.

On the statue of Frosty in front of the optometrist's office : "Snowman's in Eyeland"

This topic could be on thin ice. Snow more puns! Even if they are really cool!


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